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By Marco Pallis

Essays distilling a life of concept and perform by means of one of many earliest explorers of either the actual panorama of Tibet in addition to it Vajrayana culture.

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Qxd 9/16/2003 4:18 PM Page 14 A Buddhist Spectrum itself as ‘progressive,’ how many people, I wonder, make even a slight attempt to follow this advice? ’ and if the answer is in the negative, is it then reasonable to expect, under the law of karma, to receive another human chance in this or other worlds? —if we may here permit ourselves a turn of phrase that is not strictly Buddhist. The essential thing to remember about the human state or any state describable as ‘central’ is that it marks the point where exit from the fatal round of birth and death is possible without the prior need to pass through another state of conditioned existence.

All that we call ‘spiritual life’ is summed up in this two-way traffic between Heaven and Earth: such is the message of the Cross’s upright. Second, we have the transverse beam of the Cross, representing for its part a particular degree of individual existence and notably the human degree as such; to complete the scheme one would have to imagine an indefinite series of such transverse branchings corresponding to other existential degrees in all their variety, but, symbolically speaking, the one transverse example suffices to illustrate the essential relationship to the axis, which will hold good for all other comparable cases.

For such to be realised it is necessary to recognize what should be an obvious fact, though often overlooked, namely that a man is his karma in the sense that all the various elements that together have gone into the composition of his empirical personality, what he and others take for his ‘self,’ are one and all products of karma, and so are the modifications through which that personality passes in the course of its becoming: family, possessions, occasional happenings, illness, old age, or what you will.

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