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By Karen Armstrong

"An admirable and ambitious paintings of synthesis that might provide perception and pride to millions of lay readers."
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In this stunningly clever booklet, Karen Armstrong, considered one of Britain's most excellent commentators on spiritual affairs, lines the heritage of ways women and men have perceived and skilled God, from the time of Abraham to the current. From classical philsophy and medieval mysticism to the Reformation, the Enlightenment, and the trendy age of skepticism, Karen Armstrong plays the close to miracle of distilling the highbrow background of monotheism into one beautifully readable quantity, destined to take its position as a classic.

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They reside in our blood, in our DNA, and when we desecrate our blood and DNA, we cause harm to the Gods. It is through the purity of life through the Folk Faith that will strengthen the Life-Force of the Gods and ensure the resurrection of Balder. V: THE GODS SPEAK FROM WITHIN US: Odin is the unifying will that preserves and supports the entire pantheon of the Gods. He is the unifying force, the quickening, creative will within every individual of the Folk. It is believed that once Tyr was held higher than Odin.

The Roaring Cauldron was a mighty geyser of tumescent, tumultuous waters. It resembles the ancient Greek stream of Okeanous, which is referred to as the origin of the Gods. It is also referred to as the proto-sea that surrounds the world, or nine-worlds of the World-Tree, just as Okeanous is also a proto-universal sea. From the earliest time, the Greeks tell us that the waters of life flowed from Okeanous to all corners of the universe and flowed back again in a vast circle of life. The waters are the forces of life, the life-force of the universe and whether its called Okeanous or Hvergelmir, the Roaring Cauldron is the essence of the LifeForce of the universe.

From his mane the golden rays of light illuminated the entire world, bringing light and happiness to all, nurturing the earth and turning it green and lush. VIII: THE WOLVES, SKOELL AND HATI: Good is never free from the threat of evil. The inhabitants of the northern regions of Europe saw the Moon (Mani) and Sun (Sol), as good, but they were constantly being chased by two terrible wolves, Skoell (repulsion) and Hati (hatred). Their purpose was to intercept the two celestial bodies and devour them.

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