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By Richard Green Parker A.M., David Grant Stewart Sr.

The physics textbook that taught of the best geniuses of our time, Thomas Alva Edison and Henry Ford. Ford acknowledged it contained all of the details recognized in regards to the topic on the time.

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JNATURAL PHILOSOPHY. i in the same time, the velocity of the latter is double that of th former. What is find the velocity of a body, the space must be divided by the time employed over passed in moving over it. / a To 13&. the rulefor moving body? Thus, if a body move 100 miles in 20 hours, the velocity * by dividing 100 by 20. The result is five miles an hour 140. is found Questions for Solution. body move 1000 miles in 20 days, what is its veljcity * Ana. 60 miles a day. i t of a mile in a minute.

N. B. It will be seen by these definitions that both a square and u rectangle are parallelograms, but all parallelograms are not rectangles nor A square is both a parallelogram and a rectangle. Three thing* equares. ure essential to a square; namely, the four sides must all be equal, they must Two things only ttlso be parallel, and the angles must all be right angles. lire essential lo a rectangle namely, the angles must all be right angles, and the opposite sides must be equal and parallel. One thing only is essential to a parallelogram; namely, the opposite sides must be equal and Is ; .

6. ) -Momentum 36, weight 6, required the velocity. ) A body with a momentum of 12 strikes another with a momentum of Ans. Both have mom. of 6. ti what will be the consequence 7 ; [N. B. ) A body weighing 15, with a velocity of 12, meets another coming in the opposite direction, with a velocity of 20, and a weight of 10 ; what wilj he the effect 7 Ans. Both move *ith mom. of 20. ) Two bodies meet together in opposite directions of 12 and a weight of 7, B has a momentum expressed by 84. What, wib ^e the consequence 7 Ans.

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