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A) {hkl}; (b) {Okl} ; (c) {hkO} This class is called the prismatic and is given the symbol 21m (Fig . 35). Many important minerals crystallize in this class. 36), muscovite mica, KAI 2(ÜH)2[AISi3ü1o ] , and the pyroxene, diopside CaMg[Si 2Ü6 ] . Especially important is potassium feldspar K[AISi3Üs] which occurs as the "high temperature modification " called sanidine, and usually also contains some sodium. Sanidine occurs in eruptive rocks, for example, trachites, and is commonly tabular, parallel to (010).

Trigonal dipyramid I I <, : I 1 +,,/ "..... -' +: "", - _L_'b Fig. 7611. and b. ) and stereographio projection (b) of the hexagonal pyramidal claas 6 Fig. 77. Hexagonal pyramid .... - . 11. b Fig. 7811. and b. ) and stereographic projection (b) of the dihexagonal pyramidal class 6mm Fig. 79. Dihexagonal pyramid As mentioned earlier, theoretically one would expect a crystal class resulting from the combination of a 3-fold axis and a perpendicular plane of symmetry, but no representatives sre known.

_--- -- ------ -. "J ~ ::' '.... - Fig. 28. Dome . ,/ Fig . 29. St ereographie projectio n of the domatic dass m of symmetry. The symmetry of this and the two following classes is consistent with the symmetry of such a coordinate system. Accordingly these three classes will be gro uped tog ether into the monoclinic syste m . ~ ,,/ . ~ , 0 ",,/ .... ... _ J __ -' b Fig. 30a and b. Two-fold symmetry axis (a) and stereographic proj ection (b) of the sphenoida l dass 2 the a axis inclined from ba ck to front (Fig.

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