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2 Definition of Mechanical Stresses for Materials Testing There are three types of forces that can be applied to an adhesive (or to any material, for that matter). These forces are shown schematically in Figs. 3. 1). In this test, an isotropic bar of material of known dimension is firmly clamped into a tensile testing machine and a force is applied to the axial dimension of the sample. 1 A bar of material to which a tensile force, F, is being applied. 2 Application of a tangential force to a rectangularly shaped material: (a) shows the undeformed body with tangential forces applied to two surfaces of the material.

The stiffener is joined to the top panel by “anti-flutter” adhesives that allow the hood to maintain its shape even under high stresses and wind shear. In newer automobiles, the windshield is part of the overall structure of the roof and is fastened by adhesives to the frame. Automobile doors are often adhesively bonded in an assembly known as the “hem-flange” in which the outer door is bonded to an inner shell. The outer door is crimped around the inner shell and the two pieces are joined and sealed by adhesive bonding.

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